Travel Journal Fail

“Get up, get out of here, and gone!” – Bob Uecker

So we now have established that blog as travel journal does not magically write itself any better than paper notebook as travel journal. In case you were wondering.

We are now over the half-way point of the trip. Husband and I have celebrated our 29th Wedding Anniversary by saying, “Happy Anniversary” to each other. We are still talking to each other, mostly civilly, and are wondering what we will do next year for 30 that will be as much fun as this.

It has been a whirlwind of driving and beer and baseball, but we have found ourselves rained out of this afternoon’s Greensboro Grasshopper game and are happily ensconced at the Raleigh Flying Saucer blogging (me), updating facebook (him), talking to people (him), and drinking beer (us). And although “we’ve” been doing all those things all the way along, this is the first time in a few days that we’ve been sitting and relaxing and with nothing on the agenda. (The Greensboro Grasshoppers have another game scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow morning, weather permitting.)

Warning: This will likely be a long, rambling post, just getting caught up on our trip for the last 4 days. Go get a beer now, while there’s still time, before you start nodding off.

When this scribe last posted, I think we had made it to Ithica, NY. We weren’t in a huge rush the next morning, so we decided to go exploring a bit. We started on foot, but then realized the hills in Ithica were more than this Houston flatlands couple wanted to handle, so we drove around the Cornell Campus. It is beautiful and huge and has a lovely arboretum on the edge of it, but it would never pass one of my schools you should go to tests (from those very long ago days of my parental school realtor role) – it you didn’t KNOW you were at Cornell, you wouldn’t know you were at Cornell. There are no signs, there are no shops full of Cornell stuff,and we didn’t see a single person/student wearing any Cornell gear. Go Big Red! (Whatever a Big Red is…)

As all rational people know, the reason to go to Cooperstown, NY is to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Unless you are the husband – then the reason to go to Cooperstown, NY is to appease your wife and go to the Ommegang Brewery. For the record, there is actually no way to get from Ithica to Cooperstown, once husband decribed the many road changes as just tacking our way across the state of New York, it made a little more sense to me. We got to Cooperstown in time to tour Ommegang and grab some lunch/dinner in their cafe. Ommegang is probably the US’s premiere brewer of Belgian style beers. In fact, they are now wholly owned by Duval, a premiere Belgian brewer. (Personally, Belgian-style is not my favorite beer, but at least I have learned that it is likely the coriander that turns me off. I am not afraid to be opinionated.)

We stayed at a very nice B&B in Cooperstown, finally 2 nights in the same spot! One of the staff moved there about a year ago – her Mom was in the All-American GIrls Baseball League, one of the players featured in “A League of Their Own.” Proud to say she throws like a girl. The town may think it’s not all about baseball, and they might have a point, but, really, it’s all about baseball. James Fenimore Cooper be damned. (I really wanted to buy a copy of anything by him, while I was in the town, but I never really switched out of beer and baseball mode. HPL, here I come.)

The Hall of Fame was perfect. In some respects it was less than I expected, but it was everything it should be. You would learn a lot more about baseball by watching the Ken Burns documentary (which I plan to rewatch soon), but for appreciating the game, and loving the game, and all the history of the game, and as a pilgrimage, it is everything it should be. We were there from about 10:00 til 3:30, I saw and read as much as my brain could handle. The husband only had to sit thru two loops of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” while waiting for me. When you finally get to the Hall of Fame Gallery, with the plaques of all the inductees, it is awe-inspiring. Less than 1 percent of players make it. There are so many names I’m not familiar with, non-players, old players, Negro League players; you realize how special it is for those very few who make it. There’s no one there wearing an Astros cap, but I loved seeing my beloved Cubbies.





Sometimes it’s OK to have heros.

Your thoughts?

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