The Queen City

“Holy Cow!” – Harry Caray

I’m not a NYer, so I always thought Holy Cow was Harry Caray’s phrase, but I have learned/remembered that it really belongs to Phil ‘Scooter’ Rizzuto, the great Yankee shortstop and longtime Yankee announcer. This is one of the first things you see when you go into the Hall of Fame.


The Hall of Fame really is an odd mix of memorabelia. I don’t know how much they rotate items in and out, but more than one person told us that getting to see the rooms where they store all the artifacts is downright breathtaking. One spot in the Hall where I had to stop and wait for a bit is at the exhibit about broadcasters/sportswriters and winners of the Ford Frick Award. They have a couple of loops of famous broadcasters and I had to stay there long enough to hear Jack Brickhouse. Some of the clips were broadcasts of great moments in baseball, but for Brickhouse it was his description of the bottom of the first inning of an opening day in the early 70’s (don’t remember the year, but remember that Whitey Lockman was the manager). Brickhouse did an analysis of why Lockman had probably set the batting order the way he had, and the inning played out exactly as he had explained it. Nice. I’m not 100% sure I would have picked Jack’s voice out of the blue, but what a perfect sportscaster voice it is.

One of the coolest things I saw in the Hall was just hanging in the hallway on the out-of-the-way path to the bookstore (which you know I wouldn’t pass up.) It was a contract card for some player in the 40s or 50s (maybe). It was a record that the league kept of who the player was under contract to every year and how much he was paid. It was on a 3×5 lined index card. Handwritten. Awesome. The business of baseball is definitely overlooked in favor of the players and the game itself. As it should be.

Ok, I think that about covers my general thoughts on the Hall of Fame. Today we are enjoying a day in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC, a day that began and will end with us in the same comfy bed enjoying the hospitality of the husband’s sister. We saw the AAA Charlotte Knights drop both games of a double header last night. Current record: 1-7 for the home team (sigh). The stadium is interesting. It was built for AAA, but designed to be expandable to house a major league team. It was definitely the most “serious” ballpark we’ve been to. Less gimicky, less minor league antics, but nothing to complain about either. Next year they are moving to a downtown stadium, and giving up on their dreams of a ML team. Several of the Charlotte breweries that husband had put on list are closed today, but one of the newest, Heist Brewery, has wi-fi and 9 of their own brews on tap so it is turning into another fine day. A stop at a store to stock up for our own beer tasting back at the house should round out the day.

It has been really nice to laugh and talk with family other than the husband or complete strangers.

Daughter #2 has informed us that the AC at home is out. Guess it’s time to start thinking about the end of this road trip…

Your thoughts?

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