Georgia On My Mind

“God watches over drunks and third basemen” – Leo Durocher

Cary and I never, ever played third base as neither of us could actually make a throw all the way across the infield. However, with all the beer we drank over the last 16 days, we probably qualify as drunks of some level or another. God was watching over us, or luck was on our side, or the odds were in our favor, or the force was with us because we are safe and sound back in Houston. Ahhhhhhhhh.

I need to do a quick recap of our drive between Augusta and Atlanta. Often when the husband and/or I roadtrip, we will head off the beaten path and/or prescribed route for anything that catches our fancy. This trip, although flexible, had a schedule of bball games and saucer visits that kept us from too much deviation. Until last Friday. We definitely had some extra time this day as we only had a two hour drive to a 7pm Gwinnett Braves game.

Trolling the internet Thursday night, husband came across the Georgia Guidestones. This is a monument on some farmland in Georgia that is a cross between Stonehenge, the Rosetta Stone, and the Ten Commandments. It was built with private, anonymous money in 1980 and is intended to establish a set of guidelines of reason for the people of the world to live by. Who could resist driving 2 hrs out of the way for this, eh? Not us, or the 5 other people who were there.

Georgia does a great job putting signs and direction arrows to historical sites on their roads. We couldn’t resist turning off for the Laurel and Hardy museum, the home of the VP of the Confederacy, or the Kettle Creek battleground site from the Revolutionary War.

We still got to the ballpark too early, so stopped off at a local sports bar and had a great chat with some of the locals. The Gwinnettt Braves are the AAA afflilate of the Atlanta team. The stadium is new and big and pretty standard for stadiums that share those two descriptors. It was cold and windy and rainy and we really couldn’t believe it was May in Georgia. The home team lost, but the fireworks show after was worth sticking around for. We spent the night in the warm, dry home of a second sister-in-law and had the next morning to catch up with her family and a niece who also calls Atlanta home.

I’ll do a quick wrap-up of the trip tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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