Now what?

I think the travelblog was a success. I read over the posts last night and they comprise a much better travel journal than I usually put together. I highly recommend the technique; knowing that someone, anyone, is expecting you to post (in my case, the daughters) keeps me on task much better than that journal tucked away in a suitcase.

So that was fun, but now what? It makes Thoughts from the back seem so unfocused and rambling. Yup, back to normal I guess.

I have been thinking about another Reading Challenge, especially since I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk. Rather than be creative myself, I just want to point you to the Blue Willow Summer Reading Challenge. This year, it’s a whole bingo board of challenges. Read any 4 or 5 books to complete any row or column or diagonal and you’re a winner! If you win, you can claim a prize from either Blue Willow or me. It officially starts June 1, but I’m willing to let y’all start early.

It’s an excellent set of challenges, despite that fact that the staff put it together without me.

My goal of 52 books this year is slipping out of reach, tho not quite as fast as the Astros have slipped out of contention. I’ve read 13 books, 25% of my goal, 6 books (12%) behind.

I did finish one book recently that I highly recommend. Archangel by Andrea Barrett is a collection short stories spotlighting scientific movements/discoveries in history and their impact/connection with individual characters. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but one of the characters does:

What I do know is that the questions we ask about the world and the experiments we design to answer them are connected to our feelings.

It’s not out until August. I have become more and more a fan of short stories lately. Archangel is another reason why.

Your thoughts?

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