Chantal definitely was not on my threatening sounding hurricane name list. Way too French sounding, all bravado but no substance. And sure enough, although it is the first tropical storm of the season to possibly pose any threat to the US, it appears to be petering out, though don’t tell Haiti it isn’t relevant as Chantal rains will likely cause severe flooding and landslides for the island which seems to get a yearly battering by one natural disaster or another, and never recovering from any of them. Meanwhile, Daughter #2 is heading towards Florida and Chantal this weekend. Of course she is.

Forecasters are now saying that Chantal may be able to reform in the warm waters around Florida or the Gulf. So on that note I checked my hurricane supply box. I now have 1 jar of peanut butter, 2 bottles of gatorade, one pound of ground coffee, 4 cans of dog food, and six gallons of water left over from last year (and past their expiration date…really? water goes bad?!?). Can you tell I’m not a boy scout?

Definitely time to up my game a little. Flashlights are scattered and missing, batteries are scattered and missing, important papers are scattered and missing, useful during-and-after-a-storm items are stored in the garage (meaning they are scattered and missing). C’mon, Chantal, give me something to worry about and kick this slacker into a higher gear. And take it easy on poor Haiti.

Your thoughts?

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