Laughter and other pleasantries from the weekend

Husband, a friend, and I went to ComedySportz Houston’s latest offering, OZ Unscripted, on Saturday night. I have not laughed so much in a long, long time. The script is well done, everything memorable from the movie is there, but it’s condensed and improvised with audience suggestions and only seven actors. Daughter #2 plays Auntie Em (and 4 other bit parts) and did a great job. It’s not necessarily family friendly like their regular matches, but I heartily recommend it for adults. I liked it even better than their last Unscripted offering which was Star Wars.

So that was Saturday night, the rest of the weekend was spent playing Flow on the ipad. I am shockingly good at it and I can not stop playing. Yup, I have whipped thru 900 levels and am temporarily stuck on level 63 of the final (free) group of 150. Husband is quietly cursing the “friend” who brought it to my attention. Can’t really believe that I’m admitting to playing this game 963 times, in one weekend.

The daughters have started a blog together called Mum Likes Me Best. Instead of just talking about diy projects and designing and redecorating their homes, they’ve decided to blog about it, too. Actually DOING diy projects and redecorating is still to come. I think they’ll have fun with the blog, I hope they do a better job of posting regularly than yours truly. Their blog is at least starting off with a clear focus, which is smart. Along those lines, I helped Daughter #2 rearrange her apartment in anticipation of the delivery of her new bedroom furniture later this week. Can you believe she didn’t want her white, twin trundle-bed and dresser from her childhood bedroom?

The weekend also included a bridge game, some shopping, some driving semi-lost thru interesting Houston neighborhoods, and little to no yardwork with the heat index nearing 110. And the laughter is still hanging on into the new week. Can’t complain about that.

Your thoughts?

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