Kale on the brain

Kale is supposed to be good for your brain. I suppose that is only when it is eaten, but at least I am thinking about kale, and it’s always good for your brain to be thinking of something.

The kale chips lasted, and were still pretty tasty, for three days. And by the third day, you could clearly see all the salt crystals leaving a glorious, blood pressure raising, dusty white powder on the chips. And the paper bag they were stored in had wonderful, artery clogging, oil stains soaked thru it. Mmmmmmmm, now we’re talking.

Daughter#1 has sent me several recipes for unique kale salads. BUT MIND YOU, D#1 and the S-I-L both like to cook, and they both like kale. Still, I appreciate her efforts to try to convert me, and the salads do sound tasty. At least she hasn’t suggested that I turn the kale into a smoothie. Really, if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day then the only green thing any one should be drinking is a margarita.  D#2 has picked up her share of the box, so there is currently no kale left in my kitchen. I’ll keep the recipes handy for another time that kale crosses the kitchen threshold – and there probably will be another time, I’ve mostly enjoyed the co-op box experience.

Those tasty, healthy salads will have to get in line, tho, because I know how I am going to prepare the kale next time.

Growing up in the midwest, we always had a small vegetable garden in the summer. I wasn’t a country kid, clearly we lived in suburbia, but back in the 60’s, 20 miles west of Chicago was the edge of suburbia and farm stands popped up every year and were loaded with picked-that-day corn and tomatoes and everything else. I don’t care how good you tell me Florida or Colorado sweet corn is, it’s not as good as fresh picked ears from the midwest.

We always grew leaf lettuce at the house and my very favorite summer salad was wilted lettuce. Let’s see if I can remember this very complicated recipe….

Go out with a pair of scissors and cut a big bowl full of leaf lettuce. Bring it inside and make your mom wash all the bugs and dirt off it. Put it in a clean big bowl. Fry up 3 or 4 pieces of bacon, really crispy. Take the bacon out and crumble it into the bowl of lettuce. Do not remove any bacon grease from the pan. Add some cider vinegar to the pan and heat it up to boiling. Don’t your glands start salivating just imagining the smell of hot bacon grease and vinegar?! Pour the hot liquid into the bowl and watch the lettuce immediately wilt down to about 1/8 it’s previous volume. As soon as it’s cool enough to not burn your mouth, stuff the greasy, vinegary, lettuce leaves into your mouth whole. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Rumor has it that the kale won’t wilt like the lettuce, but I am definitely going to put it to the test. Yup, kale the super food is just going to have to wait until I try my hand at kale, the carrier for bacon and vinegar. I’m sure I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Kale on the brain

  1. I’ve been making wilted stuff out of greens I don’t even have names for. Even when I can’t bacon. Everything wilts and gets delicious!

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