Didya ever have one of those days  when you got up at 4 am to drive the husband to the airport? And the Starbucks near the airport was blessedly open at 5:20 as you were heading back home? And you were so tired and mumbly in the drive thru that they couldn’t be sure what you were ordering? So they made you both a mocha and a white mocha and let you take them both? And you got back home a bit after 6 am and crawled in bed fully clothed? And you sort of slept/dozed until about 8? And you got up and reheated some Starbucks mocha? And you played the daily fairway golf games on the ipad? And did your morning review of twitter and email? And you thought about going to the 10 o’clock basic yoga class but it was really more intense than you thought you could manage and, besides, a dear friend called to catch up so you couldn’t get there in time? So you went to the restorative and relaxing yoga class instead? And you were afraid you might fall asleep, but you kept thinking about writing a didya blog post? And when you did manage to clear your mind, images of the ipad flow game and connecting dots with colored lines kept popping into your brain? And you got home and heated up the last of the Starbucks mocha but your stomach reminded you that you hadn’t put anything other than Starbucks mocha into it all day? And you thought about doing something but since the husband is gone for a few days there is no one to hold you to any productivity standards? So you spent a few hours reading a book, and that counted as productive because you need to finish it before bookclub? And you finally got around to eating some real food and doing some needed-to-be-done, routine, household tasks? But you still couldn’t shake the not enough of the right kind of sleep and too much caffeine too early fog? And you heard from people you used to work with via phone and email and message? And it reminded you how much you missed seeing all of them regularly, but also how glad you were to have made the decision to stop working? And your daughter sent you another kale salad recipe? And it was so hot outside again that you couldn’t help but fantasize about the first fall cool front that won’t arrive for another two months? And you made up another batch of salad dressing you saw on pinterest? And you were happy the husband wasn’t home so you didn’t even have to think about cooking dinner? And you were sad you didn’t see a hummingbird at the feeder today after you saw one in the yard yesterday before you put up the feeder? And you tried to find the perfect time to take the dog for a walk after it cooled off a bit but before it got dark? But that time doesn’t actually exist? And before the day was done, you spent the requisite amount of time worrying about people you love, no matter where they are? And just before you went to bed didya think that tomorrow would probably be mostly the same only a whole lot different and maybe even better?

I did.

Your thoughts?

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