Box-o-food: The Final Report

It’s been a week and a half since buying a box of food thru a local organic co-op and sharing it with D#2. All that’s left is a bit of romaine lettuce and a handful of blueberries, half of which are probably inedible. Everything else is gone and the only things that have ended up in the compost bin are a handful of strawberries and a full salad’s worth of spring mix. I’m sure I did better than D#2 as far as using everything, mostly because two of us live here.

So was it worth it? It definitely made me eat a higher percentage of healthy food for a week and a half. The quality of everything was excellent, especially the fruit. The tomatoes were the only things that were so-so. (Really, if anyone can supply me with excellent fresh tomatoes down here in Houston, I would pay big bucks. Well, maybe not, but I would be so very, very happy.) So I would do it again, if I could share the box, but I still just need to learn to shop wiser, cook better, and eat healthier.

No, I meant was it worth it, as in price-wise? It probably wasn’t NOT worth it. Like I said, for the most part the quality was better than I usually get in the grocery store. And I probably didn’t let any higher a percentage spoil than I usually do anyways because I was so much more focused on using it. The quantity of food I got seemed reasonable for the price I paid.

No, I meant was it worth it, as in do you feel like a better person? As you know, I lean slightly towards being green. I don’t really care about organic food, tho I certainly don’t mind supporting the trend of less pesticides and such. I actually care more about locally grown, both in supporting local growers and trying to be not so reliant on the food transportation network. And this co-op is all about organic, wherever it comes from. I’m thinking I might feel like a better person if I just patronized some of the local farmers markets.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, if anyone wants to share the box with me. But give me at least another week. I need some carbs and junk food.

Your thoughts?

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