One of everything, please: A new reading challenge

It’s time for a new Thoughts From the Back reading challenge and this one is for EVERYONE (honest).

Most of my work at Blue Willow concerned inventory – in, out, counting, adjusting, and whatnot. A key to an accurate inventory is knowing where a book SHOULD be found in the store, so all the books are assigned a category. Hence, when I think of books, I tend to categorize them. So for this challenge, you need to read your way around the bookstore, reading a book from each of the following 10 categories. Don’t despair, you have a whole year to read the 10 books. Prizes will likely be awarded, and if you are an ambitious reader I challenge you to do another lap. My goal is to encourage anyone who happens upon this post to read a bit more, and read a bit different. For easy reference throughout the year, the challenge is also posted on the Reading Challenge page, or link, at the top of the blog. I’m going to short change you a few days, I meant to post this on Sept 1, you have until August 31, 2014 to complete the challenge.

Read a book that fits the following categories:

1. YA for Young Adult – Written for teens

2. CJ for Children/Juvenile – Novels written for elementary thru middle school age kids

3. FM for Fiction/Mystery – Blue Willow doesn’t use this category anymore because they don’t shelve it separately from Fiction, but still, you know if you’re reading a mystery.

4. SF for Science Fiction/Fantasy – Blue Willow still uses this category, but they shelve these books in the YA section. Lots of crossover, but, again, you know if you’re reading science fiction or fantasy.

5. BA for Biography/Memoir

6. NF for Non-fiction – Pretty wide open, and yes you could double up and read two biographies, if that’s your thing.

7. PO for Poetry – Really, everyone should sit down and read some poetry every once in a while, a great choice to have on your nightstand during this challenge year.

8. FG for Fiction/General – Yes, the grand catch-all.

9. HP for History/Politics – Included here because it is a category that I like, but is underrepresented in my reading life.

10. Anything Else – Blue Willow has lots of other, smaller categories, but I wanted a freebie task. Still, you have to be able to justify it as a different category, a book you would find shelved in a different place in a bookstore or library.

So that’s it. Easiest challenge ever, but I think it’ll still be fun. Always happy to offer suggestions if you’re stuck, and I’ll be sure to post what I’m reading for each task. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “One of everything, please: A new reading challenge

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