The Event – The Final Post

One thing about blogging is that you are supposed to categorize and tag all your posts. This allows you and other people to find posts on specific topics or related to certain subjects. Since this blog is still just a personal, albeit public, journal, I don’t bother to tag any posts, but I do try to remember to assign each post to a general category. To emphasize how important I think this is, let me say that my most frequently used category is “Really Random Thoughts.”

About 2 1/2 years ago, I started posting with the category The Event. The Event was Daughter #1’s wedding which took place exactly two years ago today. It was lovely, as is their marriage. We may have overspent, but we didn’t overplan or overthink or overstress. D#1 did most of the work, I was along for the ride as a consultant and financier.

So, besides this being their second anniversary, why am I writing one final post for The Event?

One of my hobbies is knitting. I really enjoy knitting baby afghans. They are small and square and a fun way to try out new patterns without a huge commitment of time and yarn. Plus I enjoy giving a personal, handmade gift to new parents, especially since it is a gift that I think is fairly practical. Most, but I confess not all, of our nieces and nephews were covered at one time by a baby afghan that I knit. When these same nieces and nephews started getting married a few years ago, I decided that I needed to knit each of them a wedding afghan. When my own daughter was getting married, I wanted to create something special.

I knew it wouldn’t be finished in time for the wedding. I showed D#1 and S-i-L a section that I had completed and a picture of the final product. Maybe Christmas? Maybe their first anniversary? Maybe another Christmas? I never said I was a fast knitter. The pattern was a challenge for me, and I faltered before tackling every new step. But finally, with two other niece/nephew wedding afghans completed in the interim, THE wedding afghan is finished.


It’s pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

I hope they like it.

I hope they don’t let their dog destroy it. 

I hope they have a happy second anniversary and many, many, many more years of a happy marriage. 


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