Time Management

Just want to report that I have NOT yet hit my boredom threshold. Retirement is a fine, fine, thing. I have lots of free time on my hands and have never once thought to use the words “too much” to describe that amount of free time. Here’s what happens in a typical retirement day with lots of free time on my hands.

So I also just want to report that I have really been thinking more about blogging more (and, no, I don’t find that using the word ‘more’ twice in that last phrase is redundant) (but because I have so much free time, let me go to the online thesaurus and see if there is another word that I could use….nope, it may sound redundant, but it isn’t really if you think about it,  and I don’t like any of the suggestions) and I had several topics I was going to go with today, thinking I had plenty of free time to compose something.

So I got up this morning and plopped on the couch with my iPad like I do almost every morning and checked my email and twitter and realized that I had not read yesterday’s Rooster result. Since the Rooster is one of the things I wanted to blog about, I obviously couldn’t afford to be a day behind.

So I went to the Morning News and read yesterday’s results. (I do understand that some of you have no idea what I’m talking about since, indeed, I have not yet explained that the Rooster is my favorite book award, given by the Morning News to the winner of a march madness style bracketology Tournament of Books competition. I may blog about this some day.) The husband came downstairs and said, “Did you forget to make coffee?” And I had to admit that, yes, I just plain forgot to make the coffee. I get up every morning and make coffee. This is not even a just-since-retirement thing. And some mornings I might honestly be able to say, “Oh, I just didn’t get around to it yet.” But truly, this morning I just forgot.  Perhaps I will blog about (my) memory one of these days.

So I did make some coffee, which was a fine way to “start” a new day. I decided that today was a day that perhaps needed a modicum of structure so I made a to-do list. Blogging did not actually make it onto the official to-do list, but blogging thoughts were still churning about in my brain.  Here’s what did make the to-do list: Yoga (because my brain was a little too churny and needed settling), picking up a birthday present, dropping off some stuff at a charity store,  reading (because book club got moved up a week this month and I didn’t realize it until Sunday and I hadn’t started it yet, but I’d like to finish by Wednesday at 7:30), laundry, and taking the dog to the vet. One of the best parts about retirement is working with really manageable and realistic to do lists.

So I went to yoga. It happens to be the easiest class they offer all week and it is excellent for mind settling. I got some laundry started and picked up the present. I dropped off four boxes of cast-offs, mostly from the daughters’ rooms, and didn’t bring anything new back from the charity resale shop (win!). I read three chapters in between and around those other accomplishments.  And it’s not time to take the dog yet.

So I decided to blog.

So I was thinking that one of the things I wanted to blog about was playing games. And maybe, specifically playing this one game that I am currently addicted to. And, I assure you, ‘addicted’ is not too strong of a word to use. But also I was thinking that maybe I just wanted to blog about playing games in general, or maybe the different games that I have seemingly been addicted to thru the years. (And my friends and family would also assure you that ‘addicted’ is not too strong of a word to use.) (But since most of you reading this are either my friends or family or both, you probably already know this.)

So then I decided that I needed a catchy or witty (or both) title or opening (or both) and there must be some great, well-known quote about games or playing games. And by well-known I mean that it must be readily found by using Google. The phrase “games people play” came to mind. In fact, I wondered if maybe it was from Shakespeare, “All the world’s a game and we are but it’s players” – or something like that, right? So I googled “Shakespeare quotes games people play” and came up with…nothing.

So then I just googled “games people play” and it came up with songs. Which is actually probably what my brain was remembering since I’ve never really read much Shakespeare, but I have listened to music.  (I have had an unusually on and off relationship with music throughout my life. I’ve thought about blogging about that.) So the song that is actually called “Games People Play” is by Joe South and was released in 1969.  You can listen to it here . Even more interesting in the Tom Jones version, this one sounded vaguely familiar to me. Don’t watch unless you want a major time trip back to the early 70’s. Maybe even more, more interesting was this version on England’s version of The Voice with a much older Sir Tom Jones and the two guys on Team Tom. Really, it is terrifying what you can find on the internet when you have a lot of time on your hands.

So despite all this success in finding the song “The Games People Play, ” this was not the song that I was remembering.  Here is what I remember. It is a completely different song by a band called the Spinners. The Spinners were an R&B in the late 60’s/early 70’s. They broke thru with Motown,  but had more success after leaving the Detroit label. Games People Play was one of their last big hits. Now what I am trying to figure out is why I knew this song so well? I swear I actually owned this song in some form, but I can not remember what album or collection it was that I actually possessed. Motown/R&B was just not something this white bread teenager owned. But no matter, many hours were spent researching and listening to old music and reading up on old people and following this and that tangent on the internet to here and there.

So then one of my favorite bloggers tweeted this…- #1 rule of blogging: It’s not about you.  (And I went REALLY?! Why does (almost) every blog have that little “about me” button? I came right out and said that my blog is my personal albeit public journal. Which basically means that it is all about me.) (Do you think maybe he just means commercial, successful blogs? Then he should say so.) Which, as you can tell, rubbed me a bit the wrong way, but I had already written most of this and I certainly didn’t want to have wasted all that time. 

So then Daughter #1 sends me this link to an NPR story entitled “Not Enough Hours In The Day? We All Feel A Little ‘Overwhelmed'” And decided I could definitely blog about that, but maybe in some ways I just did.

So then I was able to once again look into my churny brain and honestly agree with myself that I am not yet even close to hitting my boredom threshold. And while I was looking around in there I think there might be something real that’s maybe only half about me to blog about some time soon. In the meantime, go play a game;  I’ll get back to you on that.

Your thoughts?

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