Spring It!

(Couldn’t figure how to use strikeout text in the title of the post. It was supposed to be ‘BrSpring It!’)

It is the last week in March and I’m finally confident that it is officially spring in Houston.

The seasons of my adult life (in Texas) are different from the seasons of my childhood (in the Midwest). As a kid in the Midwest, it was hard to answer the question, “What’s your favorite season?” Summer was outside, vacation, no school, late light evenings season. Fall was sweatshirts, crisp afternoons, fall colors, school starting, football in the park season. Winter was snow, fires in the fireplace, afghans and heavy blankets season (also shoveling, icy driving, frostbite, flu, gray slush season). Spring was daffodils, crocus, shedding the jackets, kite flying, green season. How do you pick one favorite?

It’s a lot easier to answer the question when you live in Houston. Summer is hot and humid season. Fall is the first cool front, finally season. Winter is very pleasant, easy to get used to, forget how bad summer is season. Spring is….perfect. Azaleas are the showy flower that have their own garden tour/festival, but the tulip trees are out first and the redbuds soon follow. The rain is gentle and needed, the temperatures allow the AC and heat to remain off and the windows to remain open. And the bluebonnets — if you haven’t experienced the spring bluebonnets in Texas you need to come visit.  It almost brings me back to religion, to pray that spring will linger a little longer.

The winter/spring transition was wonky this year in Houston, as it was elsewhere in the country. I’ve never been anywhere (except maybe San Diego) where the natives didn’t proclaim “Don’t like the weather? Wait around a day and it’ll change,” and spring is when that saying is the truest, no matter where you live. I was in denial about a late freeze here, and refused to move the plants in to the garage one. more. time. So the husband’s beloved pencil plant looks like this now:


Yeah, that much brown is terminal. It’s a goner.

Now I am just in denial that summer is on the way. I am enjoying ogling all the color, working in the garden, taking long walks, planning a camping weekend, and loudly proclaiming, “THIS is my favorite time of year!”

Somewhere, I’m sure I must have a picture of the daughters in a patch of bluebonnets, it is a required photo-op when you live in Texas. That being said, at least one of the daughters was never very cooperative when it came to parental-desired photo-ops. But nowadays I have a very cooperative, photogenic grand-dog.


Stella in the bluebonnets

Wherever you are, enjoy spring – whenever it finally arrives!

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