How I Spent My Friday

In case you didn’t know, I am now the proud(?)  matriarch(?) of a family that includes two granddogs as well as our beloved, old Loki dog. Stella Arftois lives nearby in Houston and comes over once a week or so for doggie day care. Cost to Daughter#2 is that she is supposed to take me out for Froyo.  As this is the standard repayment for favors bestowed, I think I am owed at least a lifetime supply. Murphy lives in Fort Worth, but is a not infrequent visitor to Chez Drott so when Daughter#1 and SIL were lamenting having to board Murphy for two whole weeks while they gallivant around Europe, I volunteered (that sounds so much better than ‘was coerced into’) to provide transportation and kennel facilities. Sheesh, I am such a pushover; just hope they remember these moments when they are picking my nursing home.

Today, with the husband out of town, I have all three dogs. D#2 isn’t expected to retrieve her darling until well past my usual bedtime.

All three beasts are needy in their own quirky kind of way. All three beasts get along, for the most part. All three dogs are pretty much non-alpha types, tho poor old Loki who actually lives here does sometime feel a need to assert herself and set some boundaries.

Once they finally settled down after the first umpteen trips in and out the back door, I couldn’t resist a quick tweet: “There’s a reason Noah only took 2 of each animal on the ark #3dogday”

So, does my hashtag remind you of anything?

I present to you, the newest  sensation, the band to rival all breeds, the toast of the dogpark, Three Dog Day!


On Keyboard, it’s the girl with the key-pounding paws, Lickin’ Loki!


Keeping the rhythm on snare it's Barkin' "Beats" Murphy!

Keeping the rhythm on snare it’s Barkin’ “Beats” Murphy!

On Guitar and Lead Vocalizations, it's Strummin' Stella Arftois!

On Guitar and Lead Vocalizations, it’s Strummin’ Stella Arftois!

Too bad y’all aren’t hear to see them perform some of their greatest hits!

One (is the Loneliest Kibble)
The Walk Must Go On
Joy to the World
One Dog Band
Black and White and Brown
Let Me Whine and Bark at You
Try a Little Wagginess
Feed Me Something Sweet
Sure As I’m Sittin’ Here
The Family of Man’s Best Friend
An Old Fashioned Love Lick
Never Been to Spain (But I’ve Been to a Couple of Places in Texas)
Easy to Be Bad

(Click here if you want to check your trivia knowledge of Three Dog Night songs.)

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