Drottravelog v.2014

First rule of blogging – try to work a few days ahead. Rule follower that I am (ha!), we are now on day 3 of our vacation and this is my first post. In fact, this is the post that I meant to write the day before we started the trip. Well, actually, I meant to write it the week before the trip and POST it the day before the trip. But I was too busy angsting, reading, knitting, and playing computer games to blog before the trip. Surprise, surprise.


I read or heard something recently that people often take pictures to help them remember things, but in truth, the act of taking the picture seems to release the need for your brain to file away and remember the scene you are trying to capture. Maybe I’ve intuitively always known that which is why I’ve never been a picture or camera person. For me, writing things down has always been the best way to help me learn and remember stuff. As I never intended this blog to be more than a “personal albeit public journal” I once again will use Thoughts From The Back as my travel journal on our first trip to New England. Y’all are welcome to read along for the ride.

And maybe, just maybe, the blog/journal will get caught up with the trip.

Your thoughts?

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