Day One

It is officially nearing the end of Day 4 of our trip and the husband is peacefully snoring away in our hotel room. I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall further behind with my travelogue so I will set down the Day 1 recap before I succumb to the siren call of his sleepy breath.

We flew into Boston Logan Airport, rented a car, and got out of the city as quickly as possible. We’re planning on spending few days there at the end of our trip and we were on a mission to catch a minor league baseball game in Norwich (not Norwalk nor Norfolk nor Noranythingelse) Connecticut. The husband’s verbosity paid off when the hotel desk clerk surprised us with two free tickets to the game. Although Day 1 did not include a brewery or bar stop for the husband, it was Thirsty Thursday at Dodd Stadium and they had a few local craft brews on tap at $2 a glass. The Connecticut Tigers, who have an alligator for a mascot and play in a stadium named for a censured US Senator, won the game. Not as many antics as at some minor league parks, but watching the grounds crew fold and roll up the tarp was worth the price of admission. To top off our successful day, we even planned day 2 before we went to bed that night. Or at least we thought we had it planned…

Your thoughts?

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