Day Two or we begin to understand why Long Island got its name

We definitely had time for some sightseeing as we were only driving around Long Island Sound today so we decided to go to the Naval Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT. Absolutely fascinating. The most interesting bits for me were the history of subs (even dating back to the American Revolution) and the weaponry capability of today’s subs (and finally understanding the difference between torpedoes and missiles.) The true highlight of the museum is that you can take a self-guided tour of the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine. The high-tech of this sub launched in 1954 looks so archaic today. They spaces are as tight and small as you expect, amazing that 116 men could live and work within her for months at a time. Just when I was convinced that I could never survive life aboard a sub, I saw this.

I am inclined to believe I could survive anywhere if there was a soft serve machine. (Note to D#1: I included the tool roll in the photo in your honor.)

So then it was across Connecticut and down into New York and out onto Long Island. And our first, 5 hour taste of New York traffic. It wasn’t the worst traffic I’ve ever been in the middle of, but it just seemed to go on forever. Five hours of traveling between 10 and 40 mph on interstate and the husband’s navigation system constantly chirping “heavy traffic ahead” almost did me in. It was pretty spectacular crossing the Whitestone Bridge and looking out at Manhattan and even being able to see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. And then the length of Long Island became halfway clear to me as we somehow made it near the the middle of the Island where we were staying near Brookhaven and Bellport. Something about Friday afternoons in the summer and the Hamptons….who knew? We finally arrived safe and sound. We enjoyed a nice dinner with some local brews, scoped out the store with the supposed best craft beer selection, and found our way to the beach at a county park for a sunset stroll.

My next post will cover the wedding that got this whole trip started.

Your thoughts?

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