The Wedding

I have GOT to get caught up on this travelogbog before I start forgetting what I wanted to record for posterity and before my 4 loyal followers lose interest.

This whole trip was planned around a wedding that we were invited to on an estate in Mastic on Long Island. And if I start to describe the wedding and the principals and the guest list, the first thing out of people’s mouth is (sometimes prefaced with ‘I don’t want to sound rude but’) “How did you get invited to this wedding?” The bride’s family spent 6ish years I Houston living about 2 blocks from us. We met through a neighborhood mothers club and babysitting co-op and our daughters went to elementary school together. Then the family joined the community of big oil expats and lived all over the world but we kept in touch. The bride went to Oxford where she met the groom who happens to be part of a fashion mogul family.

Yes, your read that right, a fashion mogul family. I may have mentioned before my lack of literacy in pop culture. I’m somewhat literate in sports culture, general news, political goings on, and current trends in science and technology. Move along to TV, movies, music, and celebrity gossip and my cultural IQ drops precipitously. And if I had to pick the one pop culture area that is at the very bottom of my interest and knowledge, it would be the fashion industry.

So basically, I can’t tell you anything you want to read about who was at this wedding or what anyone was wearing. It was lovely and simple and elegant. The bride and groom were beaming. I am sure it was planned and organized and fussed about more than any wedding I have ever attended. I will share some pictures and stories with you if I see you in person but even in this lowly blog I will honor the privacy of an old friend who is now part of a family with a very public face.

Your thoughts?

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