Day Four and the aptly named island

My view from today’s posting locale, the Seadog Brewing Tavern in Bangor, Maine.


But wait, I need to digress!!

The Sunday after the wedding, we wisely decided that checking out of the hotel and getting on the road by 10 am would probably be a bad idea. So we stayed an extra day thinking we should explore Long Island.

By this time, I had already figured out that Long Island is not your typical island. There is a lot of stuff on Long Island, a lot of towns and two complete counties. Who knew?! So the husband and I decided that we should drive to the end of Long Island, which is Montauk State Park and the Montauk Light House. As a bonus, we would get to drive thru the Hamptons (West, South, and East). Here’s what we didn’t know: All the traffic that we were in coming out of NYC and lasting until Brookhaven would be duplicated on the weekend in the Hamptons (all three of them). Sigh. So despite almost 3 hrs in the car with Mr. Grumpypants, we were happy to have persevered. The Hamptons that were visible from the road were lovely upscale shopping villages. No celebrity home star tours were available, that we saw anyways. Montauk was much more our kind of spot. The Montauk Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and is the oldest Lighthouse in NY. It marks the opening to Long Island Sound and before the lighthouse both Native Americans and the British used to burn bonfires on the point to warn and direct the ships. It is still operational, we decided it would be a very bad idea to visit there in the fog. The museum at the base was interesting and the view from the top was well worth the wait.


Fortunately, the traffic was much lighter on the return drive. “Fortunately”, this meant we could visit all three craft breweries in the town of Riverhead. The first and newest was Mustache Brewing which was basically a large home brewing business. The fermenting tanks were housed in upright freezers that you could buy at Sears. (Do NOT get any ideas, S-I-L.) The second was the oldest and best named, Long Ireland Brewing. Husband got his fill of talking beer with the hospitality man there. I played solitaire and stacked the deck so I could whup him in Gin Rummy when he deigned to join me. Thirdly, we went to Crooked Ladder where the beer was good and the conversation steered to books instead of beer. We met a guy named Hesh Kestin. He has a fairly new book out called The Lie. He spent most of his life as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East. Very interesting fellow, the previous link is to an article about him from The Millions. I will definitely be checking out his books. Also met his wife, who is from Houston and, sadly, we had to turn down his invitation to his home for breakfast the next morning because we had MORE plans that you shall read about in the next post.

Your thoughts?

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