Day 6: Checking off two more states on the life list

Aahhhh!! The internet in this hotel is dooming my latest attempts to get caught up with this travelblogologue. I even have 19/21 Fairway Solitaire daily games sitting on my ipad in a state of incompleteness. This lack of quality ipad time is getting serious.

We left the Glass House (really you should go see it yourself sometime) and made it to New Britain, CT to watch the Rock Cats lose to the Binghampton Mets. No worries, we scored the best minor league baseball giveaway ever – mascot garden gnomes. Surely there could be no better hostess gift.

On Day 6 we headed out of CT, thru a corner of VT (new state!) and into NH (new state!). My cousin and her husband invited us to visit them at their lake home on Lake Nuby. (It has a longer name, but I promised my cousin-in-law that I wouldn’t use then official name because he doesn’t even want one person to discover his private garden of Eden. Yes, we feel HONORED that we were actually invited.)

You can see here that Rocky felt right at home.


Yup, life just might be better at the lake. Even though we could only spend one night we made time for a boat ride, a couple of swims, and the husband did some kayaking. The water is amazingly clear and refreshingly cold.


It is a beautiful, relaxing spot and I know my cousin is looking forward to being able to spend even more time there in the years to come. So glad we had the chance to visit and catch up and enjoy it ourselves.


One thought on “Day 6: Checking off two more states on the life list

  1. Nancy and Cary – Thanks for making the effort to travel such a long distance. We loved sharing the lake with you. Come back again! #thisrockymoment

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