Day Final

I have no idea what day I am supposed to be blogging about, nor what day of the vacation I am actually on; all I know is that I am sitting at the airport in Boston insanely early (even by my standards) and that this wonderful vacation is on its final leg.

The travelblogologue did not go so well this trip, due to busyness and poor internet connectivity I have been unable to do daily, quick, witty (ish) posts and instead just have had time to jot down overall impressions. That being said, let me give you some overall impressions of Maine where we spent 5+ days.



Yeah, a picture is worth 1000 words. Every bit of the Maine coast was beautiful. Rocky and irregular and rough and island pocked and unlike any area of the US that I’ve ever visited. The top picture is of the Camden harbor from the top of Mt Battie. The lower picture is near the thunder hole in Acadia National Park.

The husband’s uncle and aunt have had a cabin in Maine for almost 15 years and they have implored us to come visit, regaling us with reports of all the things that there were to do. So not only did we try to maximize the time visiting with relatives, but we were determined to power thru the uncle’s checklist of must-dos. I am happy to report that uncle grudgingly conceded that we had “done it all.” Which is actually not true, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to do all that and more. But we hit most of his highlights and threw in a few things that even he hadn’t done.

The cabin is on a small inland pond (where we kayaked and watched an eagle fledgling hang out on the nest waiting for mom or dad to return with some food.) It is not far from the coastal town of Camden. Although Camden more than doubles its population in the summer, the town felt charming rather than touristy. We also visited the harbors and towns of nearby Belfast and Rockland which we even more true shipbuilding and lobstering towns.

And, of course, we ate Maine lobster on more than one occasion. I prefer not to have to work too hard for mine (cue the lobster roll and lobster stew), but fortunately husband was willing to tackle the whole beast, with an expert sitting nearby to lead him thru the process.




Forget about your lobster coming out from the kitchen, here they just hoist up the crate from the ocean and let you pick your own. Since the daughters weren’t with us, we didn’t feel the need to name them. They were all Larry. Realize I must provide visual proof of the actual eating, so here you are:



Since the cabin is within spitting distance of Acadia (ie a very pleasant two hour drive) we spent two long half days at the park with a night in Bar Harbor. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If anyone wants to buy me this home that overlook one of the park’s coves, I wouldn’t say no.


When pressed for what was the best thing we saw in Maine, husband and I both said the tides. Neither of have ever lived near or really visited a place that has large tides that can change the landscape so dramatically several times a day. The most striking example of this was in answer to the question, “Why is it called Bar Harbor?”

Bar island is just offshore and can be walked to twice a day for about two hours around low tide. The two pictures below sort of show the dramatic difference over about 40 minutes.



We really had a fabulous week and it felt good to stretch our hiking muscles on some solid hikes. Here’s one picture from our climb up to South Bubble in Acadia. It would have been easier if my wide hips hadn’t required me to side step up this path.


Nothing could compare to the natural beauty, but the Maine beer was close. Atlantic Brewing in Bar Harbor and Maine Brewing in Freeport were our clear favorites. Not surprising, there is blueberry ale everywhere and it hit the spot on hot summer days.

We left Maine happy and exhausted and ventured back to civilization in Boston. Will wrap up the travelogblog with my Boston thoughts tomorrow, posting from the comfort of my family room.

One thought on “Day Final

  1. Oh Nancy and Cary….I admire your wanderlust!! I too am so afflicted. Maine is one of my favorite destinations of which I never tire! Ditto to everything you shared!! We are anxious to experience more of your part of the world. Glad you got to NH!! Beautiful place.

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