And Another Thing(s)

So here are a few more things that I want to include in the travelogblog. Things that I remembered after posting, additional info learned,  and things that have stuck with me even tho I didn’t mention them in my earlier posts.

Most relaxing spot? The cousin’s cottage on Lake Nuby in New Hampshire. If I ever suffer a nervous breakdown, I am going there to recover.

NYC proper remains large, mysterious, scary, and unvisited.

In Acadia we stopped to watch the peregrine falcons. Rangers with spotting scopes helped us see one fledgling hanging out on the top of a cliff. The same rangers provided positive ID as we  watched three fledglings playing in the sky.

I heard loons. Yay!

I could live in Connecticut. None of the cities were very large and the small towns we saw were all New England charming. Who knew?

L.L. Bean’s Flagship store in Freeport, Maine is worth the stop. Make sure you seek out the Outlet,  they hid it behind some other stores. Jeans that fit for $16! Maine Brewing, also in Freeport, makes it an even better stop.

We saw a coyote on the road in Acadia.

There were a lot of Moose Crossing signs on the roads, but we didn’t see a moose.

Minor league baseball is pretty much always worth the price of admission.

I could spend days reading in the Camden public library reading room.

I am learning that I love learning about architecture and architects.

Click here to link to pictures of the wedding that were featured in Vogue. Husband and I are in picture 20! I am in the right forefront in the navy cardigan. Husband is about three people down on the other side of the table. Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Tally are at the table right behind me. Yup, I can now say that I appeared in Vogue.

We were warned that Boston drivers were crazy. Our first shuttle ride confirmed this.

Surprising sight? Jellyfish in Boston harbor.

If we hadn’t been on a schedule that day, we SO would have stopped at Yankee Candle Village.

Atlantic Brewing had one of the best brewery tours for clarity on the beer making process that I have ever attended. And they have a great tagline: Save the Ales!

Having my Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale served with fresh blueberries floating in it made me very happy.

After 2 weeks of constant companionship, the husband and I remain happily married. Now that is the mark of a successful vacation.



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