Day Boston

The yard is mowed, the laundry is in process, the old Loki dog has returned from the kennel no worse for wear. But I still need to blog on our day in Boston.

It was probably our most non-stop day of the trip. We shuttled from our hotel to the airport T stop and took the subway into downtown. Walking tours being our favorite way to see a city, we walked the Freedom Trail, happily following the red brick line all over the city and checking out many spots important to early Boston and the American Revolution. Coming from a city known for its lack of preservation of historic buildings, it was amazing to see the old and new Boston all smooshed together. Also, it was dang near impossible to visualize/imagine what it must have actually looked like during the 1700s when all the history we were reading about was taking place.

Hands down the best stop on the Freedom Trail is the last stop, the USS Constitution in the Boston/Charlestown Navy Ship Yard.



Very impressive. It was much larger than I expected, a noteworthy exception to the usual rule that long ago big things never seem to be big by today’s standards. I also was not aware that it is still commissioned and so the on-board docents are all active duty Navy. We spent so long  on the Constitution that we ran out of time to go to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, our one regret from our short Boston stay.

The Red Sox were in town, but we chose to ride the subway to Fenway after the game had started and walk around the outside of the park. Sadly we were too early to hear Sweet Caroline. I was expecting more festivity and activity in the area around the park, but I guess Red Sox Fans are serious and only want to be there if they can be inside watching the game. We walked over to the actual fens and around the Boston Museum of Fine Art and then caught another subway over to Cambridge and Harvard.

More walking around, a beer at the John Harvard’s Brewery and Ale House and then subway, walking, subway, shuttle back to the hotel. Exhausted.

I was expecting to love Boston, but I left with no huge compulsion to return, except to see the JFK stuff. The subway system is efficient and very convenient, but as a visitor it leaves me disoriented (how far did we actually travel? what did we miss seeing? what is the city like between here and there?) Boston didn’t really get a fair shake – I think it would have been hard for any place to really grab my attention coming from Maine.

When I think about the variety of stuff we squeezed into our two week vacation, I can’t decide if I should be  stimulated or tired. This excellent adventure has left me feeling a little bit of both.

Your thoughts?

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