Donuts to the Rescue

Jeez, there’s a lot of shitty stuff going on in the world these days. And although I don’t like to use the blog as a soapbox for ranting and raving, sometimes that’s all I can think about. Sometimes I feel that if I can’t lash out with an angry diatribe I might explode. What is one to do when there is so much unpleasantness that I can’t even decide what to rant about?

Go to a new donut store!

Gourmet donuts are becoming all the rage nowadays, but I’ve had a relationship with donuts for a long time now. We didn’t frequent a donut place while I was growing up, they were a fairly rare treat. In high school, admittance to my not-going-to-the-dance pity parties was conditional on the promise that you would eat a dozen donuts over the course of the evening. (Ah, the good old days when my metabolism and my stomach could handle that. Or not, which was one of the reasons I KEPT having not-going-to-the-dance pity parties.) In college, there was a large commons in my dorm and I was one of a core group of studyaholics. In the middle of the night, typically before an organic chemistry test, a chant would begin (based on the movie Animal House’s famous Toga Party scene), “Do-nut…,” growing ever louder until someone volunteered to drive and a bunch of us would pile into a car for a donut run.

Then I moved south. Specifically to Houston. Specifically to a house that was about 1/4 mile away from a Shipley Donuts. It is no coincidence that our second house is also about 1/4 mile away from a Shipley Donuts. This is either because we wanted it that way, or that there are no places in Houston more than 1/4 mile away from a Shipley Donuts. Shipley Donuts are really, really good. And I married into a generically southern family so I was also introduced to the wonderfulness that is Krispy Kreme Donuts and the famous HOT NOW! sign. The north can have their Dunkin’ Donuts, and the way north can have their Tim Horton’s, but apparently we all are going to get a new breed, the gourmet donut.

The first true gourmet donut I encountered was at Gourdough’s in Austin. Go ahead, click on the link and read thru some of the descriptions. Then come by the house and we’ll go on a road trip. Anytime. Really. On Thursday, a friend and I checked out a place much closer to home that has been open about a year but had somehow escaped our notice.


The Grove is located in Richmond, TX.  They have regular donuts, kolaches, and breakfast sandwiches in addition to their made-to-order gourmet donuts. I had a funky monkey (nutella and banana, what’s not to like) and a key lime pie (not very limey, but yummy pie crusty topping and gobs of whipped cream). They also have a decent sandwich menu for lunch (I’m intrigued by the Vietnamese BBQ). I should be able to find an excuse to go again, it must be on the way to SOMEwhere. The official address is 815 Plantation Dr, but there’s something about the place that just calls to me…maybe it’s the cross street…

nancy lane


So next time life gets you down and it’s time for a pity party, go have a donut.

5 thoughts on “Donuts to the Rescue

  1. I personally prefer the most basic of all donuts, the cake donut. On our NH visits I alwsys go for the blueberry cake donut at Dunkin. Ahhhh. There’s that blueberry thing again! I draw the line at blueberry muffin flavored coffee. Maybe you had some in Maine?!!

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