Update..or where are you loyal followers?

I apparently have less loyal followers than I suspected as only three people let me know if they remember having female profs at college. All I can deduce is that female and minority teachers were grossly underrepresented in large midwestern universities in the late 70s and early 80s. One of the commenters included a link to a study looking at why women are less likely to receive tenure even today. Things obviously haven’t changed enough. I was hoping that my younger, supposedly loyal, followers would chime in, but no. I realize that irregular bloggers do not deserve loyal followers, but I am their mother for heavens sake.

It seems uniquely depressing that the glass ceiling is so prominently in place in a profession (education) where women dominate at the lower levels.

But on to happier thoughts…Jose Altuve got his 200th hit of the season last night. He is having one helluva year. Go ‘Stros!

5 thoughts on “Update..or where are you loyal followers?

  1. Hi…response from one of your younger, disloyal followers:). I don’t recall if I had any professors, female or male…..I went to college 100 years ago. Regarding baseball….how’s that wild card chase going?!

    • What’s a wild card? Astros are just going to cruise to the World Series in 2017. SI never lies. I’d root for the Tribe, but don’t think they can make up the gap this year. Opening Day has Cleveland in Houston next year. I’ll snag us some nosebleed tickets if y’all come down for it.

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