The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What is it about habits? They are both hard to make and hard to break. I was looking up the word in various web and print dictionaries, and although all the definitions are very similar, my favorite came from Google:

habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up

It’s the only definition I found that stressed the hard to give up part. Habits are often labeled as good or bad, but I suppose they all just come in pairs. If doing something is a bad habit, then NOT doing that thing would be a good habit. We all have so many “settled or regular tendencies or practices” that when I tried to think about everything I do almost everyday in terms of  habits….well, it was overwhelming. I couldn’t get thru the day if I stopped and considered every action that I took. Is this intentional or is this just a habit? Should I consider doing this another way? Still, it’s probably a good idea to question some things every once in a while. As an exercise, I just tried to come up with five habits for each of three categories.

Habits I Am Happy I Have

1. Putting on a seatbelt whenever I am in the car
2. Reading as my go-to entertainment source
3. Doing some daily intentional fitness (still in progress, but pretty successful)
4. Some basic hygiene habits like brushing my teeth and using deodorant
5. Eating breakfast

Habits I Wish I Could Shake

1.Walking into the kitchen and opening the pantry and/or fridge
2.Opening up the ipad whenever it is within an arm’s distance
3. Computer games
5.Cracking my knuckles

Habits I Wish I Could Make

1. Flossing
2. Making and sticking to a schedule
3. Blogging
4.Keeping in touch with friends and family
5.Eating healthy

Honestly, these three lists probably won’t ever change much; kind of like New Year’s Resolutions.  But I also have to remind myself that corporations, advertisers, political parties, religious groups, basically everybody is trying to impact, alter, and/or reinforce our habits. We need to remain aware so that our habits – good, bad and ugly – remain our very own.


Your thoughts?

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