Saying Goodbye

On Wednesday afternoon, the husband and I took Loki to the vet and petted her thru her dignified and peaceful death. A hard decision to make, but she let us know that it was time. Proud to the end, she bravely walked in under her own power and even managed a few tail wags as the most of the clinic staff bid her a tearful farewell.

So today I am missing her and all the other dogs that will always have a very special place in my heart: Cindy, Sam, Pilsner, and Pippin. You only utter the phrase “only a dog” if you’ve never experienced that unconditional love, loyalty, and acceptance first-hand.

Loki was known to most of our friends and coworkers as the incredibly thunder-phobic dog. Thunder triggered severe panic attacks that became more destructive thru the years, so our schedule often revolved around the weather and being home to help get her safely thru the worst of it. Her more endearing personality trait was that she truly believed that every human was on this earth to play with her. The four of us who lived with her have plenty of our own special memories of Loki that I’m sure will be shared frequently.

Amazing that I can blather on and on about trivial things, but words fail me when my heart is breaking.

Goodbye Loki.


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