The Mantle of Plenty

This year, I’ve definitely had fun doing some minimal seasonal decorating which has mainly involved displays on the mantle. Here’s how it looked for October:


The goal is to try to use stuff that I already have around. And I’m SO GOOD at goals! (Not.) The ghost on the hearth spoke to me at an estate sale over the summer and the haunted house just jumped into my cart one day when I was buying the orange pillar candles. Honest, it’s haunted after all. But everything else has been around for years. Well, except for the owl, but that was a gift so it doesn’t count.

I’m pretty proud of my November display. I call it the mantle of plenty:



I took every non-perishable food product out of the pantry and piled it on the mantle. For the whole month, this will be my pantry. I can use things from the mantle, and everything new I buy will be stacked there. At the end of the month, everything remaining will be donated to a food pantry. So I clean out the pantry, get a funky display, and donate to the hungry all at once! And if the husband doesn’t like it, he only has to live with it for a month. But how can he complain? I didn’t buy anything new for it at all.

Your thoughts?

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