Keeping up with those Joneses – Part 2

Not a very aptly titled post as there is no way the husband and I are going to be keeping up with anybody when it comes to home improvement projects. There are multiple reasons for this: we can’t decide what we want (or can’t agree on what we want), we’re lazy, and we’re….thrifty. Still, a girl can dream so here are my takeaways from the AIA Houston 2014 Home Tour.

First, I evidently missed the boat on a trendy remodeling of the bathrooms. Gone is the natural stone look that I love and back in style is, gasp, white tile. I thought I liked white bathrooms and white tile in showers…until I lived in a house with white tile in the bathrooms for 24 years. Between my cleaning prowess and the lack of regular grout maintenance (that I shall blame on the husband), white bathrooms can get pretty nasty looking in 24 years. Although one tour bathroom had an inlay of river stones on the floor and walls of the shower, in a natural, organic sort of shape. I loved the look of that. Also saw lots of subway tile and tiny mosaic tiles, neither of which are my favorites. I do like the doorless, walk in shower design that was common on the tour this year.

There is hope for some trendiness if we remodeled the kitchen soon. I’m loving the look of polished concrete for the floors, as long as it’s not industrial grey. Gone are the very patterned granite countertops, we saw more solid color in these kitchens, though I didn’t inquire as to the material. I’m liking that trend. A few years ago we saw several concrete countertops, but I like the concrete on the floor better. Also in vogue are the farmhouse and apron sinks which I really like. Although I also love having a double sink, so that could be a point of indecision that could “sink” any potential project.

I love wood floors and that is still the most common flooring, but I’m also a carpet lover which is a rare thing to find in these homes. One tour home had carpet in the master bedroom and when I walked into the room there was an instant hush and peacefulness and I thought to myself, “Ahhh, this is why I like carpeting in bedrooms.” Always nice to find proof that I’m not crazy.

There’s no hope for me being trendy with my walls. I’m kind of an anything-but-white person and every tour home except one was predominantly white. And dare I type it? … I like wallpaper. Not trendy.

And, as usual, there was at least one instance where I was just ahead of my time. Several of the homes had music rooms. I am proud to say that while the girls were doing band in school, our front room was a music room with a piano, marimba, snare drum, two music stands, two saxophones, various percussion instruments, and metronomes. Of course now that music rooms are evidently in style, the room has been converted to a study.

We’ll be on the lookout for the 2015 home tour, but until then I guess I’ll just go back to watching HGTV. It’s so much easier than actually tackling any projects.



2 thoughts on “Keeping up with those Joneses – Part 2

  1. Nancy was this in West U? There was a tour of new homes that weekend that I really wanted to go to but not sure unfitness the same one. I saw photos of one of the homes that was just amazing. It was the only one of the group that had already been purchased. Just curious if you saw it.

    • It was a different tour, tho I saw the signs for it when we were driving around because one of the AIA homes was indeed in West U. Anytime you want someone to tour homes with you, I am available.

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