To wit

…namely, or that is to say… I am not yet done blogging about to-wit-ter

(Per The Grammarist, “the phrase to wit is used primarily in legal texts and speech. In spite of to wit‘s highfalutin tone, it is becoming more prevalent in news and blog writing.” Look at me, being all trendy again.)

Inspired by yesterday’s post, I decided to engage my brain cells a wee bit and analyze my twitter account. I was following 70 twitter accounts, but I quickly purged that down to 59. Then I sorted my follows into eight categories.

  1. Friends. I have 21 friends that I follow. Most of them tweet rarely. It’s my way to pretend that I keep in touch with people. Kind of like Facebook with much, much less interaction.
  2. Sports. I have 10 follows that are sports related, mostly baseballish. The Astros have a pretty good social marketing machine in place.
  3. Businesses. I follow 9 stores and business. I am not particularly proud to state that 5 of them are beer related.
  4. Celebrities. I follow 8 people who I have no personal reason to follow except that their tweets entertain me. Among them are several writers and an astronaut who tweets pictures from the ISS.
  5. Houston Chronicle. I follow the Houston Chronicle as well as 3 individual journalist’s accounts.
  6. Information Sites. I follow 3 very diverse sites that feed me information. Mental Floss (cultural ephemera), The Texas Tribune (Texas politics), The Morning News (‘news’ and opinions with a literary bent)
  7. Weather. I follow 2 weather sites, one local and one that is global climate related.
  8. Bloggers. There are 2 of my favorite bloggers who I also follow on twitter for whatever reason. In part as a reminder to go read their blogs.

It doesn’t really seem like an unwieldy collection of twitter follows. I add people fairly regularly, to follow a specific issue or based on a recommendation or retweet that I see. I also review the list and purge accounts occasionally. The problem with my list is that it consists of 59 people preaching to the choir. I tend to follow people who tweet opinions that I agree with. This is good for entertainment value and for keeping my blood pressure low, but not so good for challenging my lazy brain. I guess I should follow some accounts that make me roll my eyes and shake my head, just to see how the other half(?) lives. I should be able to handle it in 144  character doses.



Your thoughts?

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