My Volunteer Gig is Better than Your Volunteer Gig

A few years ago I posted “My Job is Cooler than Your Job”  in which I proved the title assertion with a picture of me hanging out at the bookstore with some Storm Troopers. There were plenty of interesting people to meet and fun perks that came with working at Blue Willow. Now that I have happily eased into a life of lazy retirement (yes, brain and all), it’s harder to come up with cool things about my life to brag about here.

About a year ago, my last volunteer gig ended when my friend stopped being an elementary school librarian. The school had very little parental involvement and for about three years I volunteered in her library once a week. I kept telling myself that I’d find some closer school that needed some help, but it was an easy task to put off. This fall I was nudged to contact our local high school where a friend of the bookstore had recently transferred school districts and been hired as the new librarian. She was very happy to have some help once a week and I spent my first volunteer month moving and rearranging books to make better use of the shelves. When that project was finished she said, “What I really need help with is the new book club that I want to start with students during their lunch periods. If you could come in for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day to man the front circulation desk and help other students, then I can run the bookclub.”

Now every Wednesday I go up to the Stratford library. There often isn’t a lot to do so I make sure to take a book with me. And Wednesdays is College Shirt day. That’s right. my volunteer gig is designated reading time on wear a Purdue shirt day. Life is good.

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