In a rare capitulation to the social media gods, I am posting something for throw-back-Thursday.

Like most parents, I have saved plenty of odds and ends, treasure and junk, from the daughters’ childhoods. Most of it is stuffed away in a large trunk in the bedroom, likely not to be glanced at until some future move or my demise. A few pieces of holiday artwork and handicraft are stored with the holiday decorations so I do at least see them annually before putting them back in the box. And if you were one of those exceptional parents who preserved and/or framed some of these treasures, don’t let the daughters know that people like you actually exist.

In the November/Fall/Thanksgiving box, I across this gem from D#1:


I think this was from 1st Grade, but I’m also not one of those parents who carefully dated their kids’ treasures.


I am so proud that I made one of the feathers!! That’s me, Mommy, in the orange and purple stripes. Myself made it, too. Glad to see that D#1 had enough self-confidence at age 6 to be thankful for herself. Then there are three best friends, Lauren from school, Cori the neighbor, and Elizabeth the family friend. (All three lived in the neighborhood, but her associations with each of them were unique.) Finally there is Samantha, her American Girl Doll. Notice no daddy, no sister, no dog. That is one tough turkey to get a feather on!

Your thoughts?

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