Seasons…Houston style

Houston is under a freeze warning. In mid-November. Freeze warning probably sounds pretty insignificant to many of you, but here in Houston it is a big deal for our exposed pipes and tender vegetation. Apparently, according to the NWS, November freezes aren’t unusual for SE Texas, but danged if I can remember the last one.

That being said, we don’t really have winter here, just a prolonged fall. Without the pretty colors. And without the dread of all that ice and snow and cold. I was on a walk a few weeks ago and I was thinking how the Houston seasons aren’t about different colors, but more about different shades of green. Bright spring greens, deep healthy greens, dried brownish greens, and lush tropical greens. When the background palette is always green, other colors pop with unique contrast. Spring azaelas, cool summer whites, and the occasional fantastic fall red.

redleafI know it’s not the same thing as a whole tree ablaze, but the few deep red leaves among the bright green  on this oak(?) tree really caught my eye and made me smile. And it reminded me that I can still see the seasons here in Houston, I just might have to look a little closer.

Your thoughts?

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