NaBloPoMo – Updates

The calendar says November 15; halfway through NaBloPoMo and I’m still hanging in there, posting every day. I’m trying to stay one day ahead on writing the posts, so that I can schedule them to come out at roughly the same time every day. It’s also a little less stressful knowing I have plenty of time to pull my next post together. I’m sure one of these days I’ll have a panic post at 11:59 pm or, gasp!, miss a day entirely. But so far, so good.

Since I’m posting regularly, maybe people are actually reading regularly, so I thought I could update you on a few things.

I found a Huffington Post list of conservatives to follow on twitter. So I picked two of them to add to my follow list. One hasn’t tweeted at all yet so I may need to switch her out for someone else. Just trying to stay informed in my half-hearted way. Also found a new cartoonist to follow to keep my psyche on an even keel.

Seems weird around the house without a dog. Much quieter. Also much cleaner. Miss her most when there is no greeting when I come downstairs in the morning or anytime I come home. I also still find myself stepping around that spot at the bottom of the stairs which was one of her favorite places to sleep. On the bright side, new carpeting might actually happen now, I have no more excuses to put it off.

The Pathfinder has a name. You might remember that I was leaning towards “Meriwether” as in Meriwether Lewis the great finder of a path across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. Then I made the mistake of talking to D#1. She suggested “Clifford, the Big Red Car.” Dang if it didn’t stick. I hate it when that happens. But he is definitely a Clifford the Big Red Car if there ever was one. The worst/best example of the sticky name phenomenon is the time D#2 got a pet garter snake. She was thinking of some ancient Hindu snake goddess name and someone said, “I think it should be named Cupcake.” It stuck. Even D#2 had to admit it was the perfect name, but only after she added the surname. Her pet snake was Cupcake, Devourer of Souls. When she went away to college and we gave Cupcake away to another family, their kids, oddly enough, did NOT think Cupcake was the perfect name for a snake. They renamed it Slinky. To each their own.

That’s all for the updates, I guess I’ll have to come up with some original thoughts for tomorrow.




Your thoughts?

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