Tuesday Morning Randomness

I have an email subscription to “Read two of these and call me in the morning” by David Dobbs. Daily (although he must be on hiatus this week) he sends 5-ish article snippets and links to the full article if you want to read more. They are very diverse and I like how he realizes that no one will be interested in everything that catches his eye, but maybe 2 of them will appeal to most everybody. Like a lot of folks, I find my email inbox pretty overwhelming and flooded with tripe, and I often don’t even bother to open most of it, even the ones from Dobbs that I actually subscribe to on purpose. Sigh. Still, I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in science and culture (which covers about everything, yes?) http://tinyletter.com/daviddobbs

That being said….my twitter feed this morning was unusually interesting and I thought I’d play my own version of “read two and call me in the morning.”

Last summer I went to visit the sister in the Seattle area. One of the coolest things I saw were the hundreds of sea stars washed up on the beach of the cove near her home.

seastar 2

seastar 1

I had never seen anything like it: so many colors, so many sizes, just plain so many! Sadly, they were dead and that was when I first learned about the star fish wasting disease. The Morning News tweeted this update this morning:

  • A virus is the likely cause of death for millions of starfish over the past year—smaller outbreaks have occurred…

Mental Floss recommended this video of a recreation of “Starry Night” using falling dominoes. They introduced it with “Knocking over dominoes can be a very therapeutic experience “:

And finally, from the Morning News, this tweet which I could not resist, and indeed linked to a fascinating article:

  • In a Texas field, dozens of human corpses are exposed to the elements, including vultures, for science.

Hope your Tuesday is as interesting as mine!





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