Knitting Like A Grandma

Many, oh so many, years ago, my niece came to spend a large chunk of the summer with us. The first night she was here, the daughters and I all picked up our knitting as we sat down to watch some TV. The niece said, “What are you all? A bunch of grandmas?” I think she was mortified that her cousins were SO uncool. Totally unfazed, they just replied, “Oh, it’s fun, you should try it.” Well, that wasn’t going to happen. At least for a few days. Then she finally stopped being so stubborn and asked if I would teach her. She wasn’t really a convert, but she did enjoy it for the summer.

This year, I HAVE been knitting like a grandma. It seems like baby blankets, hats, and booties for family and friends have been prominent among my projects.  Here’s what’s currently on the needles, a baby afghan for another niece who is due with her first kiddo in January.

It’s a pattern I hadn’t knit before from my favorite book of baby afghan patterns. I’m loving it and will definitely make it again. The only downside is that it is not a memorizable pattern (at least for me) so I have to keep the instructions at hand. This one is pure white, not ombre as the picture might suggest, and I think a solid color is the only way to go with all the texture in this one.

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of my favorite project of the year. I was a little tired of baby colors, so I knit a baby blanket for a different niece in some nice fall colors for a change. When I finished I had some extra yarn in a soft orange and soft green so I knit a little pumpkin hat for her. Just imagine how cute it was.

With no grandchildren of my own on the horizon, it seems silly to be stockpiling any baby attire so it’s about time to decide what to tackle next. I’ve be dying to try some lace knitting with a shawl, I could really use one in some blue shade. Also have some yarn procured with the intent to do some fingerless gloves. And there’s always dishrags to do for D#2’s dowry. The stash seems to have shrunk lately instead of grown. They do wear out eventually after all.

Someday I’ll plan far enough ahead to knit Christmas gifts for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not soon to start for Christmas 2016. If only everyone else will stop having babies.


Your thoughts?

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