#tbt – one more time

With the holiday exactly one week away, I have to share one more Thanksgiving story for throw-back-thursday.

For the past 20 years or so, Thanksgiving has been the holiday that the Drott clan really makes an effort to all get together. In fact, the daughters were shocked to learn that for some families, the Thanksgiving holiday is only one day. We always gather for at least a 5-day weekend, usually in a rented vacation home somewhere, often on Pensacola Beach. I’m not sure what inspired the idea, maybe the baseball bingo that they play at Purdue, but three (?) years ago, the daughters and I decided to create a Drott family bingo game. It was not difficult to come up with 25 things that pretty much always happen. We decided we couldn’t let anyone else in on it because most of the activities were tied to a specific person who could throw the game if they were in on it. In fact, I think the only square that included one of the three of us was “Emily knocks over a glass of wine.” I don’t remember all of it but there was, “Matt imitates Nils,” “Cary goes off and hides with only his computer for company,” “something burns in the oven,” “maw-maw asks for knitting help,” and “paw-paw argues about the rules to Mexican Train.”

Throughout the weekend we would share knowing glances with each other and head to wherever we had hidden our bingo cards and mark off the appropriate square. Others began to get suspicious. Sure enough on Friday or Saturday night, Emily knocked over a glass of wine and I jumped up and ran…not for a towel, but for my bingo board and I came running back into the room gleefully shouting, “BINGO! BINGO!” Emily did not do this on purpose, it was not the winning square for her, it just is something that will happen every Thanksgiving.

The rest of the family was not amused. One, they felt left out. Two, they thought we were making fun of them. And then they all read over the bingo boards and just kept saying “oh, that happens every year” over and over. Like 25 times. We still weren’t totally forgiven except for one of my nephew-in-laws, at the time the most recent addition to the family, who came up to me and said, “That is the best Thanksgiving game ever.” He remains, to this day, my favorite nephew-in-law.

It’s not too late for you to devise your own Thanksgiving Bingo board. Or you can check out some of these games that D#2 sent me.


We’ll probably stick with our regular game fare this year – dice, dominoes, and cards – but that year of Drott Family Bingo really was the best Thanksgiving game ever.

2 thoughts on “#tbt – one more time

  1. And yet I didn’t see, “left one of the casseroles in the microwave”, “political discussion that got out of hand”, or “dog snagged a drumstick” …

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