Marketing Fail

My favorite internet meme -ish thing is “You had one job…” Here’s the info on it from the website, “Know Your Meme” (yes, there really is such a thing):


“You Had One Job” is an expression used to call attention to perceived blunders made by individuals on the job. On the web, the phrase is heavily associated with FAIL image macros.


The earliest known mention of the phrase can be heard in a scene from the 2001 remake of the heist film Ocean’s Eleven, in which the character Basher Tarr (played by Don Cheadle) scolds his team for missing a step that singlehandedly leads to the failure of an otherwise well-planned vault heist (shown below).

It pops up regularly in the twitterverse and on pinterest and it almost always makes me smile.

And it also pops up in everyday life. Once upon a time, we owned a Prius. It appealed to my often unrealized goal of living a little greener, plus it was fun to drive. The poor thing met its demise in an intersection last February. As former Prius owners, we  remain on the Toyota Marketing mailing list. This arrived in the mail today:


It’s a slick Prius advertisement that came in a clear plastic envelope. Let me type that again, it came in a completely unnecessary, made from petroleum, not marked for recycling plastic envelope.

Dear Toyota Marketing Department, you had one job….

Your thoughts?

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