It’s a Game Changer

I’m basically an all-sports fan. Not a fanatic about anything really (although my baseball obsession might be borderline), but very entertained by about anything. I’m not particularly athletic myself, so although I do enjoy participating in sports, as much as this creaky old body will allow, I’m much more of a sports fan in the spectator mode. I’m happy to swing my allegiances around based on family and friends favorites as well as my own geography, long-term biases and favorite players.

Despite the gazillions of football games that I have watched in my lifetime, this is the first year that I have actively participated in a Fantasy Football League. I offered to be the swing person to even up a league if necessary, but the numbers ended up working out, so D#1 and I decided to go in together on a team. The best part has been strategizing and bemoaning our bad luck and bad decisions with the daughter. Right now it looks like we will probably eke out a playoff spot. This is no huge accomplishment since 8 of 10 teams go into the playoffs. (But it is slightly more impressive than the Texas high school team who hasn’t won a game in 4 years but got into the playoffs this year due to being in a 4-team district.)

All-in-all, though, I’m not sure Fantasy Football is for me. It has really changed the way I experience football games. D#1 has confessed that she almost never watches a game anymore, she usually watches NFL Red Zone for the highlights and scoring plays of all the games. I still tend to watch one game at a time, tho my eye strays down to the ticker more often than it used to. Also, I find that I’m not rooting for one team to win, I’m rooting for individual players to perform (or not perform if they are on my opponent’s roster.)  I’ve always been willing to judge a whole team by one or two players, but then I still would root for a specific outcome to the game, not for the individual success of a player. And when I listen to the husband whine and cheer through a Sunday, trying to remember who is on his and his opponent’s roster that week, I realize that I do not want to be that fan.

So I think next year I might sit out the FF season and go back to rooting for the underdogs and my favorite teams, who all too often are one and the same. Go Texans! Go Bears!


One thought on “It’s a Game Changer

  1. I would like to defend my watching habits – being an out-of-market team fan, red zone is the only way I get to watch snippets of my favorite team most weeks. Go Colts!

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