Thanksgiving Craft

I’ve been known to want to share my love of knitting. I’ve been known to enjoy teaching others the basics of knitting. I’ve been known to want to try to use up my stash of yarn, as opposed to throwing away the extra stuff from various projects. Hence, the Thanksgiving Family Craft projects.

First was the homeless blanket. Inspired by the Warm Up America project, I decided our family could all pitch in to knit the squares to knit a blanket that we could give to a homeless shelter. I think it took 2 or 3 years, but we finally completed the blanket.


There really are no adjectives to describe this creation. One sister-in-law couldn’t bear to part with it, it just reminds her too much of family. So the homeless blanket found a home and is reunited with all its creators every Thanksgiving.

One year we made scarves to donate to a charity at Purdue via D#1. That was fun because we made enough to pose wearing winter scarves standing on the white sand beaches. Southern style White Christmas photo.

A few years ago, a friend of mine game me a bunch of fun, funky yarn that she had accumulated and then decided she would never use. I wasn’t sure what to do with it myself, until I decided that we could do braided scarves for my nieces. So I think at least 10 of us have knit on the six strips that we’ll need to complete the scarves. And there’s a headband in the mix, too. Here’s the craft in progress.


Hopefully we’ll have some finished projects worthy of a picture and a post later this weekend. I’m thankful for family that puts up with and participates in my hobbies. Happy Thanksgiving.

Your thoughts?

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