The Party’s Over

Actually, today is Mardi Gras so the party isn’t over yet, but it will be tomorrow.

Challenging our willpower once a year became a bit of a family tradition when D#1 was in elementary school and wondered why a friend was “giving up” soft drinks for Lent.  I am a big proponent of this annual exercise in self-control, especially since it only lasts 46 days (I don’t cotton to the idea of Sundays being free) – as opposed to New Years Resolutions that are supposed to last at least a year and be truly life-changing. I like to spin my personality flaw of weak willpower into the personality asset of lack of stubbornness.

I tend to think of Lent as a time of conscious attention to something, be it giving up something “bad” (chocolate, computer games, making excuses, etc.) or doing something “good” (flossing, eating fruits and veggies, reaching out, etc.) This year I decided to focus on being a little kinder to planet earth. I want to become more aware of my everyday activities and lessen my eco-impact, starting with small steps like these:

1. Stay focused on reduce, reuse, recycle.

2. Walk more and combine driving errands.

3. Take shorter, cooler showers.

4. Dry clothes on a line outside (at least sometimes). Surely the Houston spring weather will be amenable to this once or twice during Lent.

5. Set the thermostat one degree cooler (today) or warmer (soon)…at least when the husband isn’t around or aware.

6. Eat fewer mammals and more vegetarian meals.

7. Make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions (less packaging, more local, earth friendly companies and products).

It may not be easy be green, but it shouldn’t be that hard to be a little greener.





4 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

    • Yeah, I wanna know how that goes for you. Presumably this only means giving up OUT LOUD sarcasm that someone else can hear. There’s no way you can turn off your entire brain until Easter.

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