March just might be my favorite month of the year. Granted, any month might be my favorite month at any given moment, but March in general, and this March in particular, hosts a great confluence of many of my favorite things. Sharing is a favorite thing to do, so it seems fitting to share some of my favorite March things in a series of blog posts. 

Home. It’s my favorite place. I have gone on great trips, but I’m not a traveller, I am a homebody. I could make another physical place my home. I could feel at home with less material things around me. Home is just the place that is mine, where I am safe and happy and surrounded by things that I have chosen to surround me.

This month we have done a very nice thing at our home. We have new carpet. I know that some people dislike carpet, but I find it warm and quiet and, well, home-y. Our new carpet is soft and cushy. It is also clean and without holes. I know that all those things (soft, cushy, clean and without holes) will not always describe our carpet. But right now, there is no place I would rather be than padding around my home in stockinged feet. Ahhhh.

Home is also the place where I do jigsaw puzzles. When I was a kid, we often had a jigsaw puzzle going, especially during long, cold winters. Nowadays, it’s hard to enlist a lot of help with a puzzle, D#1 is the only immediate family member who will admit to enjoying working on a jigsaw puzzle, but I still can’t resist starting one at least once a year at Christmastime. This year’s puzzle was a doozy and I am happy to report that March was the month of its completion.candycanes Many, many people worked on this puzzle. Some more enthusiastically than others, but ALL help was appreciated. Pretty sure my bookclub won’t ask to meet at my house again after I told them all they couldn’t leave until they put a piece in. D#2’s dating dude might actually venture into the house again now that it’s done. The husband will just be happy to have more free, available horizontal space for all the crap that accumulates on all our horizontal surfaces. I just feel a sense of accomplishment – and perhaps a bit of an urge to start another one.

Your thoughts?

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