March just might be my favorite month of the year. Granted, any month might be my favorite month at any given moment, but March in general, and this March in particular, hosts a great confluence of many of my favorite things. Sharing is a favorite thing to do, so it seems fitting to share some of my favorite March things in a series of blog posts. 

Sports. I confess (again) that I am a bit of a sports junkie. Not the kind that knows everything about sports; I can’t rattle off a bunch of player stats or even remember who won what championship when. Not the kind that plays and excels at sports; I’m not very naturally athletic and I don’t have the passion to work hard to get any better. Still, I have always enjoyed participating in sports and I will happily watch just about any sport, in person or on TV. March just happens to be the great confluence of two of my very favorite sports.

All you loyal readers already know that I am a baseball fan. And although opening day isn’t until April, March is the heart of spring training, of getting ready for the regular season, and most importantly, the month of hope – when anything is possible. Truly, hope SPRINGS eternal.

My other favorite sport is college basketball which culminates in the wonderful orgy of TV game viewing known as March Madness. I’m pathetic at successfully filling out brackets because my emotions get the better of me every year, picking my favorites too far and picking unrealistic upsets of those teams that I just don’t want to see succeed. The beloved Boilermakers turned their season around from a disastrous start into a 9 seed. If they achieve a first round upset of Cincinnati they get to play Kentucky. Even I wouldn’t pick them to win that one.

Watching sports is usually accompanied by a favorite hobby, knitting. So although knitting has no season and hence no ties to March, I’m pretty excited for today’s first televised Astros game of the spring and for the March madness games to begin later this week. Especially since I still have a coming-soon baby gift to finish knitting. Also this week I purchased the yarn for my new Crackerjack project. I’ll be knitting the Astros season with color stripes indicating home/away wins/loses into season-long panels that will eventually be sown together to make a stadium blanket. I’m sure you’ll be reading about that in the future.

5 thoughts on “TAAFOMFT – Part III

  1. Love the Astro knitting idea. I can’t quite envision how the blanket is going to come together. Please post photos. I too love March madness and look forward to the start of the Indians season. Go Tribe. Wish we could make the opener in Houston!

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