March just might be my favorite month of the year. Granted, any month might be my favorite month at any given moment, but March in general, and this March in particular, hosts a great confluence of many of my favorite things. Sharing is a favorite thing to do, so it seems fitting to share some of my favorite March things in a series of blog posts. 

Gardening. For all my professing to be a homebody, I am sorely lacking in an affinity for the “domestic arts.” Cleaning? HA! Does anyone actually like cleaning house? OK, I have one friend who likes cleaning. OK, she really just is obsessive about having a clean house (and doesn’t have a maid service.) I don’t like cleaning and don’t really care if my house is spotless – or anything close to spotless. Take that as fair warning if you drop in for a visit unexpectedly. By the way, I credit the daughters’ relatively healthy and allergy-free state of existence to the barrage of bacteria they were exposed to growing up. Cooking? Nope, not a foodie. I like to eat, obviously, but I don’t like good food enough better than average food to invest the effort. I remember a friend of my mother’s who was looking for a new home. Her kids were all grown and she and her husband were downsizing. Her comment, “I want a kitchen that I have to dust.” I feel a bit that way, except for the part about needing to still dust it. Interior decorating/accessorizing? Not a slave to fashion on my self or in my home. Sewing? Dropped out of 8th grade home ec sewing class and never looked back. I pretty much only do buttons and bad hemming. The one part of home care where I do enjoy dabbling is the yard and garden; March in Houston is pretty much the best month for all that.

It’s mid-March now so the tulip trees and redbuds have already done their “Spring is here!” thing. We don’t have either, but if a spot for a redbud ever opened up, I would plant one. The azaelas are looking good this year with all our rain. Around the ‘hood they are coming out in full force. Ours are in a very shady spot and look like this today:


In a day or two, these buds will all open and you won’t even be able to see the green leaves!

It’s been too wet to work outside for much of March, so we are way behind in getting the garden in shape this spring. I still need to cut back and feed the roses (traditionally a Valentine’s Day activity). The yard needs some weeding, raking, edging attention. We usually tackle one bed a weekend with as-needed cleanup, replanting, mulching but haven’t started that yet. And we have some hardscape maintenance that we’d like to get in before it gets too hot. I think that if I ever did feel a tendril of boredom creeping into my life, that I could beat it back by becoming more learned about and active in the garden. To cultivate a passion, so to speak. But here’s the best part about gardening: things grow all by themselves. So even when you’re lax, that garden can still look nice. I sure haven’t found anything that cleans itself or cooks itself. So I’ll keep dabbling in the garden. A little bit of work here and there, and then let nature do the rest all by itself.



Your thoughts?

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