Day 1

Day 1 was a long driving day, as is any day when you start in Houston, head any direction other than due east, and plan to be out of Texas by the end of the day. 

We retraced the start of the path of transporting the daughters to and from school and made it to Little Rock, Arkansas in time to watch the Travelers play. We arrived at the stadium and were greeted with this:

Followed by this:

Followed by an announcement that the game was cancelled. On the bright side, we’ve already seen a game here and we now had more time to enjoy (at least) one beer at the Little Rock Saucer. A second storm cell hit hard while we were at the bar, so we also commenced the trip Gin Rummy tournament. Happy to report that I am up one game to zip. Current bet is that the loser does the dishes for a full week upon our arrival back in Houston. Also happy to report that Arkansas finally has a couple of very respectable craft breweries, at least based on our tasted samples.  Although no beer was acquired in Arkansas, our waitress seemed very appreciative of the bottle we gave her as a supplemental tip. She mentioned that St Arnolds is the most requested Texas beer that they aren’t able to sell, and we just happened to have a St Arnold’s stout (one of her favorite styles) in the cooler.  Weather forecast is looking up, should get in a baseball game on Day 2.

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