Days 0

It’s not often that you get to start a road trip vacation and spend the first two nights sleeping in your own bed. 

Once the husband left the office on Friday, vacation started. We met downtown and had a beer at our home Saucer before going to see the beloved Astros play the Angels. The ‘Stros lost 6-3 but it was a fun game to watch. The Astros have a promotion called Friday Night Fireworks. I probably don’t need to spell this out for you, but after every Friday home game, they open the roof and put on an excellent fireworks show. One consideration for choosing the location of our season tickets is that they are in the perfect spot for watching this spectacle. Perhaps as a harbinger of weather to come, on this Friday night, the fireworks were supplied by Ma Nature; we did enjoy the lightning flashing over the downtown skyline and, fortunately, the rain slowed to a drip during our walk back to the car. 

Since we weren’t actually leaving town until Sunday, we had to include some beer or baseball on Saturday. First we bought a second ice chest so that we can bring beer from midwest breweries back to Houston with us. Then we bought “We Are The Ship,” a children’s book about the Negro Leagues. I’m planning to make the husband read it to me on the drive up to Kansas City. I figure we’ll get more out of the museum if we can learn a little history first. Then we drove to the (suburban Houston) Sugarland Saucer for (at least) one beer.

Beerknurd interjection here: I like beer. But not all beer. I tend to like it dark and sweet or light and crisp. I have had a lot of beer that is just OK and the occasional beer that I really didn’t like at all. Yes, I’m a craft beer supporter, but I’m not big-beer hater. IPA (India Pale Ale) is probably the most popular craft beer style in the US. IPA is not my favorite. It tends to have a bitter bite and/or an elevated alcohol level. I have learned to appreciate the IPA style, but until Saturday I have never had an IPA that I really, really liked. 

This is the beer I had:


It is the best IPA. And probably would be denounced as not being true to style by my many hophead acquaintences. In fact, it was so tasty that I could not resist buying some for home consumption when we made our next vacation stop at a liquor store. We stopped in order to buy local Houston beers to take on our trip with us. There are two ice chests going in Clifford. One is empty. It will come back full, I am sure. The other is full of Houston beer that we are planning to give away along the way to midwest beerknurds who might not otherwise be able to sample some of the best from our local breweries. We have found that this is an excellent way to make new friends. I am also fairly confident that this second ice chest will still come back full, just with new inventory.

One baseball game and two Saucers down. Next we start on the real adventures.

Your thoughts?

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