Day 3

Will they play in Peoria?

It’s been excellent driving weather so far this trip. I know I’m jinxing us, but we haven’t even run into much road construction as yet. Spring wildflower viewing has been less than impressive, even in NE Texas where I would have expected to see at least a few bluebonnets. But the azaelas in Tennessee were in in full bloom and the redbuds and dogwoods in southern Missouri brightened up today’s drive.

We made it to the St. Louis Saucer for lunch. I love St. Louis. We got to know the city a bit when D#2 when to college here and I’m never sorry for an excuse to come back. The addition of a Flying Saucer and a growing craft beer community make it even better. We each ordered (at least) one local St. Louis brew and learned that 4 Hands Brewing was located less than a mile away. 


 We left a couple of Houston beers at the Saucer and a couple more at 4 Hands where we just had to stop by on our way out of town to pick up our first batch of midwest beers to bring home.  Then it was across the mighty Mississippi again, into my home state of Illinois, and north to Peoria for an evening game between the Peoria Chiefs and the Quad Cities River Bandits, who happen to be the low A Astros farm team.  The Chiefs play in Dozer stadium, not named for Mr. Dozer, but rather for Caterpillar equipment.

   The future ‘Stros pulled it out late and we watched the final two innings from the back, under the concourse, and out of the rain. For the second night in a row, it was chilly and there were fewer than 150 people in the stadium. The husband snagged a nice haul and got his requisite mascot photo. 



You were thinking Indian Chiefs, weren’t you? They are actually fire fighter chiefs and the mascot is Homer, the Dalmatian. 

Peoria was never held in much regard by Chicagoans, I must admit, and I know the city has been thru some rough economic times. I only ever knew it as the home to Caterpillar and Bradley University, but there is obviously more to the city. She puts on a good face for drive thru visitors.

I’m feeling a little sad that I’m this close to my homies in Chicagoland, but won’t be stopping by to say howdy. I’ll be waving to them as we head west across the Mississippi for the fourth and final time this trip to Iowa and more beautiful flat farmland. 

Your thoughts?

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