Day 6

Toto, I think we’re in Kansas…or Missouri, damn this is confusing.

Once again, we were on a deadline. We needed to get to Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City for the 12:30 tour. The husband, using all his email charm, got us a couple of (not normally available) reserved tickets for the tour in return for some Texas Beer love. Due to the usual navigational issues/differences of opinion, we got to cross the Missouri River 2 extra times on our way and had to double back around to get to the parking lot. Someone was getting a little grumpy, yet somehow we still managed to get to the brewery on time. 

I’ve graduated to the don’t-learn-much-about-brewing-beer-while-on-a-beer-tour level, but this was an excellent tour with a lot of the history of Boulevard and their facilities are gorgeous. I did learn that Boulevard is 25 yrs old. I didn’t know they were as big as they are, or that they sell so much beer internationally. 

We asked four different people where we should go to for the best BBQ in Kansas City and shockingly got a consensus vote (3/4) for Q39. I certainly couldn’t recommend it as the best bbq in KC, having no basis of comparison, but I can heartily recommend that you should eat there if you get a chance. But I can’t help you decide what to order.

Then it was on to the Kansas City Flying Saucer for (at least) one beer. 

We had a nice visit with the manager and assistant manager and then I proceeded to lose three straight games of gin rummy. Were all those beer slips mine? Yeah, maybe that was the problem.

Your thoughts?

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