Day 10

Blissfully little driving today, blissfully much beer. 

It was a two Saucer Day. We met D#1 and a coworker, and three of the husband’s Dallas-based coworkers at the Addison Flying Saucer for (at least) one beer. We checked into the Piersol Palace for a TWO NIGHT STAY and then went to the Ft Worth Saucer for (at least) one beer and trivia. We helped our hosts win a round of the trivia and a $20 gift certificate to use on their next visit to the Saucer. We also sampled from one of our favorite micro breweries, Over-Engineered Beer, located conveniently in the Piersol Palace kitchen. 


FrankenRocky Gnome in the Over-Engineered Beer Tap Room

Now that we’re back in Texas, it’s time to update the trip stats to date:

Miles driven: 2560

Time in the car: 45 hrs and 42 min

Flying Saucers where we had (at least) one beer: 8

Baseball  games attended: 5 -7, depending on how you count them (1 major, 5 minor, 1 rainout)

Breweries visited: 6

Gin Rummy Tournament standings: 5-4 , me

Arguments about navigation/direction: countless, including the time the husband drove back over a route per his nav system instructions because he was convinced that I HAD MISSED A ROAD/TURN THAT DID NOT ACTUALLY EXIST

Times worn shorts: 0

Dishrags completed: 1 (I’ve been driving a lot)

Audio books listened to: 1. Andrew’s Brain by EL Doctorow. Weird, would not recommend.

Days left: 4

Your thoughts?

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