Day 12

Destination: Austin. Not my favorite Texas city, mostly just because for many people, it IS their favorite Texas city, and I get tired of hearing about it.

Hit the Austin Flying Saucer for (at least) one beer and lunch. It was a warm and sunny day and I ordered my first berlinerweiss of the season, Independence Red Bud. A hint of lemon made this one especially refreshing. 

Then it was off to the Real Ale Brewing tap room in Blanco, Texas where we met up with some friends of the husband. Picking one favorite beer is a lot like picking one favorite book, most people just can’t do it. I, however, am a special person. My favoritest novel is East of Eden. Just because I have a favorite book, does not mean that that is the only book I want to read. I know I have read it 3 times, maybe 4. Likewise, I don’t only drink my favorite beer, BUT if I could only choose one beer to drink for the remainder of my days, it would be Real Ale’s Firemans #4.


We followed the friends back to their Blanco retirement home where I got to feed carrots to their three miniature donkeys. It might have been a perfect day had not the husband left his backpack AND HIS COMPUTER in the Austin Flying Saucer. It was safe and sound back in the office, but it did mean we had to backtrack into Austin and the infamous Austin traffic to retrieve it. While we were there, we decided we might as well have (at least) one more beer. A hotel was located just south of Austin. Have I mentioned the fact that no matter what we might have planned, we have yet to settle into a hotel room before 9 pm on this trip? So much for any book reading time. 

Your thoughts?

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